Jacky Lerner

Talent Chicas Chicago


Xavier Le Blanc

Producer and Cinematographer EyC

Julio C. Padilla

Assistante Editor EyC

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Meet the #EyCTeam    Espectaculos y Celebridades Season  Premier every Tuesday 11:00PM Central Time Azteca Chicago Channel 61, Dish & AT&T 61, Direct TV 13, Comcast 393/ 598, RCN 13. Now watch EyC News aring during Nacional News Azteca Chicago Thursdays 10:00PM Central Time.

Silvia Diaz

Event Manager Coordinator EyC

Miguel Sanchez

Assistante Editor EyC

Christian Herrera

Assistante Editor EyC

Emmanuel Camarillo

Videographer EyC

David Castillo

Videographer EyC

Drina Aguilera

Stylist EyC

 Marco Monge

Creative Director and Producer EyCNews

Jeremy Dubral 

Photographer EyC

Ruth Diaz

TV Host & Media Director


Sheyla Jarosz

Image Consulting EyC and PR Ruth Diaz Collection by Maash Boutique

Alex Blas

Talent Chicas Chicago


Marlon Cordero

Fotographer and Videographer EyC

Mayra Moreno 

Script and Media Assistante EyC