Ruth Diaz won GOG 2010 among 70 contest , she represented Chicago in the finals in March 2011 in the Playboy Mansion. The winner participated on the TV Show, The Playboy Club. She played the roll of one of the Glam Girls.

The Playboy Club is an American television series that ran on NBC from September 19 to October 3, 2011. Set in 1961, the series centers on the employees (known as Bunnies) of the original Playboy Club operating in Chicago.

The Playboy Club was canceled on October 4, 2011, after three episodes aired, due to its low ratings. It was the first cancellation of the 2011–12 television season. NBC continued to film the series until October 10, 2011, hoping to sell the series to another network. Both Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner and show creator Chad Hodge have expressed hope that the series will be picked up by Bravo. When production wrapped on October 10, 2011, Hodge and Laura Benanti both confirmed that they had finished seven episodes, including the pilot. Benanti further stated that the seventh episode has two endings, one of which is more final to the series.

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