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Mujeres Latinas in Accion and  Verizon

Domestic violence reports are on the rise. It is impossible to watch the news without seeing a

story about a prominent athlete, politician or movie star involved in some related scandal or

legal battle resulting from something that happened either behind the scenes or in the public

eye. Sadly, what we don’t see are the less obvious and more difficult to bring to light situations

behind the acts of violence toward women in our society.

Following up on the award-winning campaign of last year, Mujeres Latinas in Accion and

Verizon are teaming up with Leda Santodomingo Productions, to launch a second

awareness campaign on the issues surrounding domestic abuse. This coincides with October

being our nation’s Domestic Violence Awareness month. Instead of focusing on the aggressor

and the victim, the new campaign for “Rompamos el Silencio”, spotlights the child and the

harmful effects of being raised in a violent home environment.

Verizon Marketing Strategist Miguel Bassail says, “This year, with this campaign, we hope to

break the silence and open a dialogue to offer help to couples and their families in conflict; and,

most importantly, show them there are ways to get help. The program is also being sponsored

by Chicago Rotary/One and Illinois Gift of Hope.

“Rompamos el Silencio”will commence with a live presentation of the campaign’s public

service announcement (PSA) as part of the 9th Annual Chicago Latino Fashion Week, on

October 1, 2015. The awareness campaign will be extended thereafter, for one month in

outdoor advertising including CTA buses, rail cars and several bus shelters throughout the

Latino community provided byTitan360 and J.C. Decaux and printing by Taylor Visual Group.

Verizonhas a longstanding commitment to domestic violence awareness and prevention, which

has been their main philanthropic focus since 2001 through its HopeLine program which collects

no-longer used wireless phones, batteries, charges and turns them into support for domestic

violence awareness and prevention organizations. Phones are refurbished and recycled in a

safe way with proceeds going towards financial support of domestic violence awareness and

prevention. For more information about phone recycling, to

learn more.

For more information about “Rompamos el Silencio,” contact Leda Santodomingo, (312)

685-5332 or Myrna Salazar, (773) 551-7621.

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