Why Flower Dresses Keeps Coming Back?

Whether you’re heading out to a cocktail party, a spring wedding, a day at the office or even a date, there’s a flower-print dress to suite your taste. When it comes to the classic floral-print dress, flowers are always in style. You could enjoy the summer breezes on the beach in a flowery bright sundress and sandals or you can stay warm in a dark floral print dress and a wool coat. Whatever the occasion or the weather, floral-print dresses are always an option. The Ruth Diaz Collection offers two different floral-print styled dresses in different colors that can be worn all year around! These bodycon fits are perfect for any body size and shape. The dress’ maxi length and ¾ sleeves make it the perfect dress for any occasion imaginable.

Why flower dresses keeps coming back?

In a word, pretty. “We always think of a flower as the symbol of a woman,” says Mears. And there are countless interpretations to appeal to any taste—from soft, watercolor petals to full-on flower power, as worn by ’60s model and “it girl” Jean Shrimpton.

For a more casual way to wear the dresses, feel free to accessorize with something as simple as a scarf. Other ways to accessorize is with a simple necklace or any other type of jewelry. For a more formal way to uniform up the floral-print dresses, a simple solid color blazer will do the trick!

BUY IT NOW - $60

BUY IT NOW - $60

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