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Developing Your Hispanic and Total M
Developing Your Hispanic and Total M
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EyC Studios, a television studio, and advertising agency, handles media releases, PR, TV production and placements, events, and marketing campaigns. EyC Studios is more like a partner that helps your brand stand out. We focus on getting you what you want. At EyC Studios, we work to clarify your message in a world of jumbled voices and loud media.  We do it with powerful, compelling images and a writer’s sense of story.  If your message matters to you, then it matters to us. We have a creative team ready to work on your unique marketing campaign.  We specialize in marketing strategies from advertising, PR, brand ambassadors, branding, social media, graphics, web designed, commercials, voice overs, and more... Let us help your brand stand out!


  Tell your company story!


Do you want to double your sales this year? EyC Studios understand the exact strategies you need to implement in order to significantly boost your sales this year.

In order to achieve these kinds of results, you have to implement a well-thought-out, intentional strategy that moves customers through the process of doing what you want them to do:

  • You want new customers to purchase for the first time

  • You want existing customers to increase their average transaction amount

  • You want loyal customers to become raving fans that drive new customers to your business

 Did you know that 85% of people do not make a purchase on their first visit to your business or website?
There’s nothing worse than spending time and money driving potential customers through your doors, only for them to leave without spending any money in your business.
 To help you overcome these obstacles, and to begin moving customers from where they are currently, to where you want them to be, you need a system.

A marketing campaign.
A properly designed marketing campaign allows small business owners to get MORE out of every dollar they spend on marketing.
 A marketing campaign has five parts:


  • Distribution – make sure your products or services are available to all your future customers.

  • Awareness – this phase is your marketing activities. The key here is to make sure you’re spending every dime effectively, making sure you’re only getting business in front of consumers that are likely to spend money with you. Example, In Store Demos, Television, social media, ect. 

  • Interest – this is the phase in which you grab the prospective customer’s attention and start to build the relationship with them.

  • Contact – this is where you capture information on each person that comes into contact with you via your marketing efforts. Example, In-store demos/ events includes activation , email + text marketing ect. 

  • Relationship – in this phase you follow-up via email with prospective customers to get them to feel comfortable enough to visit your store, website or business. 

  • Sales – this is where you make money! You’ve successfully moved a person from being a virtual stranger to being someone that is a paying customer, you’ve to move existing customers from occasional purchase to frequent purchases, and you’ve moved loyal customers to be raving fans that refer brand new customers to your store.

Luckily, you don't have to it yourself. EyC Studios has a quality team that will work with you and gets you the results you need for your business!
Talk with you soon!
 Schedule a conference call today! 312-709-8647 or email , 

Connect with your audience! 

EyC Studios connects with your audience through the following programming:


  • "Espectaculos y Celebridades" TV Episodes.

  • "La Esencia Del Exito"  TV segment.

  • "EyC News" on National News Azteca Chicago 61 segment.

  • "Tu Clima con Ruth Diaz" segment.

  • "EyC: Tu Resumen Del Mes" TV Show.

  • "EyC: Lo Mejor de EyC" TV Show

  • Email Blast + Text Marketing Available

  • Sales Strategies & Marketing Campaigns

  • Sales Team 

  • EyC Events: "Premios Espectaculos Y Celebridades"  TV Show and others.

  • Activations and Demos. 

  • EyC Studios for all your media productions needs

  • Celeb Meet & Greet and Product Endorsements.

  • "Chicas Chicago" Reality TV Show


  EyC Studios Campaign:

Wansas Tequila

Wansas Tequila

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